Top 3 Raw & Fresh Dog Foods For Your Furry Friends

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Okay, so with so many food options available to you out there, I feel the need to recommend my Top 3 Dog Foods. We all want the very best for our furry family members, if not we wouldn’t be researching the topic. I myself have tried various options for my 3 Dogs, and through the journey of trying recipe after recipe I can 100% say these three were the very best for my pets. I broke it down to a few simple but important categories:






#1 We Feed RAW

Currently “We Feed Raw” is my pets only food source. They’re a fresh bi-weekly or monthly raw food service option.The improvements that I have seen on my dogs allergies, skin, coat, and overall activity level, have been tremendous. After many office visits aimed at treating their allergies & excessive paw 🐾 licking, our veterinarian finally advised me to feed them a raw food diet. So I gave it a try and BOOM! The quick improvements I was able to see in my dogs was amazing. Within 2 weeks there was no more itching or excessive licking at their paws. Since then, I’ve decided to stay with We Feed Raw. They have a huge variety of protein options that my dogs love to try. The ease of having a portioned meal specifically tailored to my pets needs is wonderful.

#2 Raw Wild

“Raw Wild”is another great find! As far as ingredients go, Raw Wild is all about using the best quality ingredients and using no additives. Who doesn’t want to prolong the life of their pet by feeding them delicious, healthy, quality meals? I say pet because they offer meals for kitty’s too! Raw Wild is your one stop shop for your entire furry family members, be they canine or feline. Another huge perk is that they offer free shipping to almost every state, with the exception of a few on the east coast. Raw Wild is very reasonably priced compared to its competitors. I definitely plan on taking advantage of their amazing deals again.

# 3 The Farmer’s Dog

Another great choice for your four legged friends! The Farmer’s Dog is also a fresh monthly food service option with recipes tailored for your dogs unique nutritional needs. The Farmer‘s Dog only has the best for your dogs in mind. What I really loved about The Farmer’s Dog was the ability to customize your meal plans and adjust ingredients based on your dogs needs, weight and food allergies. Plus, protecting the planet by using biodegradable packaging is a huge bonus!

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