Tips For Keeping Your Dogs Cool During Summer 2021!!

Updated: Jul 21

Hey guys, we all know summer can get pretty hot, but lately we’ve been seeing some unusual heat waves all across the US. Unfortunately many people don’t pay as much attention to their four legged friends as they should and that can lead to some pretty serious problems like heat stroke. So I wanted to make this short post with some helpul tips to keep you informed and your pets safe 😀.

  • Have plenty of fresh cold water available (this should be something they should always have access to at the very least)

  • Avoid the Midday Heat

  • Keep a dedicated shaded area for your four legged friends.

  • Summer fur and Coat Care

  • If possible let them Stay indoors and enjoy that cool AC

  • If you have sprinklers in your yard go ahead and give them a water dog park for a few minutes to enjoy.

Heatstroke in dogs: know the signs

  • Raised temperature (101.5° is normal)

  • Rapid breathing and panting

  • Excess salivation and thickened saliva

  • Fatigue or depression

  • Muscle tremors

  • Staggering

If you spot these signs, get your dog inside and contact your vet.

Wrap your dog in cold wet towels, especially the underarm/belly/groin area. A fan may be used on the dog during the cooling process.

Check your dog’s temperature every five minutes and end the cooling treatment when the temperature is down to 103°. Avoid cooling too rapidly to avoid shock. Allow access to cool water, but don’t force your dog to drink. Your vet may push IV fluids if dehydration is a concern.

Hopefully you guys find this info helpful! And I hope all of you and your four legged friends have an awesome and safe summer 😎

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